Injustice 2 Survivor Event Guide

Injustice 2
Name: Injustice 2
Developer: Netherrealm Studios
Publisher: Warner Bros. IE
Official Website: Injustice.Com
First Release Date: May 16th, 2017
Platforms: PS4, XBox One, PC
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Survivor event is one of the more challenging, not changing events in the Injustice 2 Battle Simulator Multiverse. During it you will face 29 different opponents. What is special about this event is that only part of your health will be restored between fights.

The amount of the restored health depends on the things you do during the fight and of your progression in the event. The further you go, the less health will be restored. Take a look at the following table:

Executed ActionBattle 1 – 10Battle 11 – 20Battle 21 – 29
Win Clash+5%+5%+5%

Try to perform as many of these during the fight as you can as this is the only way to get your health back. Note that repeated executions of these moves will not multiply the percentages health you get back.

Also, if you haven’t learned how to block, this might be the right moment as it will reduce the damage you take.

Beating the Survivor event with a certain character is also one of the requirements for many of the characters Legendary Multiverse. If you are having problems beating the Survivor  event and want to unlock the Legendary Multiverse we suggest you set the difficulty level to Very Easy. Beating it will still count for the Legendary Multiverse.

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