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Injustice Animated Movie The Reviews Are In

Injustice, the animated movie all fans of the franchise have been eagerly waiting for finally arrived 2 days ago and now the reviews are flying left and right. So, lets have a look at what everyone is saying about it. Before you continue, here is a huge SPOILER warning for you.

We would have loved to tell you that the movie is getting the best of the best reviews and opinions, but as of right now it does not. The consensus paints a not very positive or to be honest a strongly mixed picture. So, lets have a look at it starting of course with the positive side:

  • Great animation
  • Talented and solid voice acting
  • Some very recognizable scenes from the game and the comics made it into the movie
  • Great action scenes

Here are some of the pain points a lot of reviewers are having with the movie:

  • Rushed story telling
  • Lack of character development
  • Unnecessary deviation from the source materials
  • The pointless and never even mentioned after that death of the Flash early on
  • Lack of emotion, when compared to the source material

Injustice currently stands at about 43% at rotten tomatoes and has a 6.3 IMDB rating.

A common consensus amongst both fans and critics is that the Injustice story which spreads across 2 games and multiple comic book series is deserving of at least a two part movie or a series to really do it justice.

Now lets have a look at some reviews. We of course start with a more positive one:

And one that is more on the negative side:

With all this said and written on the Injustice Animated Movie the only way for you to form your opinion is to watch it, which we more than encaurage you to do.

We will have our own review up soon, where we will tell you what we think.

Do you want to know more? We have a lot more information about the upcoming Injustice Animated Movie:

Did you watch the movie, tell us what you think about it in the comments below.

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