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Injustice Animated Movie Now Available

WB Animation has officially released the Injustice Animated Movie, based on the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game and the 5 year prequel comic book series. The movie is now available as a digital purchase and as a physical copy on blu ray (in both HD and 4K).

Our research even showed DVD listings in some territories and a very cool looking steel book Blu Ray version in others. In the US, the steel book version is a BestBuy exclusive.

As expected the release was accompanied by several new clips posted online, have a look and of course beware of spoilers if you are still trying to work around those.

A lot of opinions and reviews have already made their way online, even before the movie was released, and we will of course cover those in a separate post later this week.

As of right now, we hope that everyone who is expecting the movie has the chance to see and enjoy it. If you already managed to watch it, share your opinion in the comments below.

Do you want to know more? We have a lot more information about the upcoming Injustice Animated Movie:

One thought on “Injustice Animated Movie Now Available

  • InjFan

    Just finished watcheding the movie and I must say I am both excited and as a fan of the franchise disappointed. This would have definitely worked better as a series of some sort and definitely should have stayed closer to the source material. I kind of felt gutted as a fan of Injustice during one of the very first death scenes.


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