Injustice: Gods Among Us (Mobile) Achievements

The mobile version of Injustice: Gods Among Us has 39 achievements. For more convenience we will combine them in several different categories:

Single Player Battle Achievements

Learning the Ropes – Complete a Battle
Climbing on Up – Complete 8 different Battles
On Your Way – Complete 12 different Battles
Veteran Hero – Complete 24 different Battles
Completionist – Complete All Battles

Characters Collection Achievements

Power Squad – Collect 4 unique Characters
Shadow Network – Collect 8 unique Characters
Secret Society – Collect 16 unique Characters
Metahuman Legion – Collect 32 unique Characters

Upgrading Achievements

Need an Upgrade – Upgrade an Ability
Maxed Out – Upgrade an Ability to Max
Elite – Promote a Character
One Man Army – Promote a Character to Max
Gods Among Us – Max 1 character in promotion, abilities and super

Leveling Achievements

Just a Rookie – Reach level 10
Grizzled Veteran – Reach level 20
Paragon – Reach level 40

Cards and Bonus Achievements

Behind the Scenes – Collect a Support Card
Jackpot – Obtain a Rare Card from a Booster Pack
Best Things are Free – Collect 5 daily Bonuses
Like Clockwork – Collect 10 daily Bonuses

Fighting Achievements

Going the Extra Mile – Complete 5 different Bonus Battles
I Work Alone – Win a match using only 1 Character
Overkill – Use super to defeat an enemy with < 10% life
Nick of Time – Tag someone out when they have < 5% life
Teamwork – Stun an enemy & hit them with a different character’s power
Bullseye – Get a Critical Hit with Deathstroke’s Pistol Ability
Button Masher – Get max damage on Bane’s Rage Slam ability (Hint: You can use more than one finger to rapidly touch the screen.)

Defeat Enemy Achievements

This One is for Mr. J – Defeat Batman with Harley Quinn
Watch the Birdie – Defeat Deathstroke with Green Arrow
War of the Lanterns – Defeat Sinestro with Green Lantern
Brains over Brawn – Defeat Superman with Lex Luthor
Girl Power – Win with a team of Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Wonder Woman
Legion of Doom – Win with a team of Lex Luthor, Solomon Grundy, and Sinestro
Night Cycle – Defeat an opponent with Nightwing’s Supermove
Half Man Half Amazing – Defeat an opponent with Cyborg’s Supermove
Running Start – Defeat an opponent with the Flash’s Supermove
Who’s Laughing Now? – Defeat an opponent with Joker’s Passive Special Ability

Secret Achievements

Black Friday – Purchase something during a Black Friday sale