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Arkham Knight Booster Pack 2.0 Available For Injustice Mobile

Netherrealm Studios and Warner Bros. made available a new Injustice Mobile booster pack in the in-game store. The booster pack is called The Arkham Knight Booster Pack and includes among others three of the following characters:

  • Arkham Batman
  • Arkham Knight Harley Quinn
  • Arkham Knight The Arkham Knight
  • Arkham Origins Bane
  • Arkham Origins The Joker

The Booster Pack gives you access to Arkham Knight Harley Quinn, a character that is currently available through her own Early Access booster pack and will be the next single player challenge.

4 thoughts on “Arkham Knight Booster Pack 2.0 Available For Injustice Mobile

  • louie christopher

    why can’t i see the arkham knight pack in “store?”
    already tried clearing data and cache, signing oit off wbid then signing in, still no arkham pack.

    • InjusticeOnline

      It was announced yesterday. Might take a day or two.

  • Any chance of bringing it back or will there be any other chance to get the arkham knight??? Plz!

    • InjusticeOnline

      Hopefully they will in some way. May be the previous challenges pack.


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