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Bizzaro Enters Injustice Year 5

Injustice Year 5 reaches a high point with the just released digital chapter 4:


The recent events cause Wonder Woman to once again reach out to Superman trying to be supportive and thus allowing us to see glimpses of the characters’ future in the game.

In the mean time Bizzaro, one of Superman’s deadliest enemies appear on Earth with no memory of who or what he is. But is this really Bizzaro or something completely else?

In the final part of this amazing chapter Catwoman reaches out to the Penguin on behalf of Batman only to be betrayed by the villain. Bane interrupts the meeting capturing Catwoman with the help of Frost. But will he bring her to Superman or will he play his own game putting at risk his newly granted membership with the Regime?

Chapter 4 offers great art and interesting story and we all simply can’t wait to see where all of this leads.

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