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Character Info

Name: Hal Jordan
Red Lantern
Full Card Name:
Red Lantern Hal Jordan
Group: Green Lantern
Start Damage: 950
Start Health: 1400
How to unlock: Singleplayer Challenge

Bio: A group of berserkers led by Atrocitus, the Red Lanterns draw on rage to build constructs made of red light with their power rings. When they are inducted into the Corps, a member’s blood is replaced with liquid fire, and their heart is replaced with the ring, so if the ring is taken off, unlike in the cartoon series, the wearer will die. Members of the corps can expel this substance from their body at will like napalm, causing burns.

As the power of rage consumes and drowns the intelligence of the users, the average Red Lantern is left in a barely animalistic mindset, with limited speech abilities and lacking any ability of abstract thought and understanding, and of every other form of volition but endless rage, driven by hatred and a dim memory of his past life, focused on the circumstances forcing him to hate in the first place. Atrocitus is able to restore his fellow Red Lanterns to their previous mental acuity with his shamanistic magic. The ritual, employed only once on Bleez, restored her previous mindset and ability for coherent thought, without dimming her rage. As such, Bleez, as Atrocitus, is still consumed by rage, but also loathing her endless suffering.

Passive Ability

Red Lantern Rage: Special Attacks and Supermove use HEALTH instead of POWER. Red Lantern Hal CANNOT be healed.

Special Abilities

Turbine Smash: Red Lantern materializes an active jet turbine engine.
Rage of Atrocitus: A demonstration of Red Lantern’s inner power.
Beware My Power: Red Lantern unleashes a beatdown though the power of his ring. UNBLOCKABLE.

Support Cards

Guardians: +10% Health for all Green Lantern characters.
Lantern Corps: +10% Damage for all Green Lantern characters.
Power Battery: +10% Energy Regeneration for all Green Lantern characters.

Character Gear Card

Name: Unknown
For all characters: unknown
For all Green Lantern characters: unknown
Evolved: unknown


Red Lantern Hal Jordan is the character with the most health in the game. This is due to his special moves draining his health instead of his energy. The character can neither be healed nor can benefit from characters who increase the energy level of their team mates.

His passive ability makes him a bad choice for Survival Mode but can make him an interesting addition to your team in any other mode.

Starting with update 2.7 of the game, the damaged cause by his Special 1 has been corrected. Unfortunately the damage caused by Special 2 has been reduced to much and the move is currently practically useless.

Also starting with version 2.7 of the game, his special moves will have to cool down after being used. This will not allow you to perform one special immediately after another.


3 thoughts on “Red Lantern Hal Jordan Guide – Injustice Mobile

  • Vince C

    The latest update is shitty for the red lantern….

    • InjusticeOnline

      They did change a lot of things, yes. I included all available information for the character and the changes made in the latest update. Hope they fix the remaining problem with the next update.


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