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Character Info

Name: Jason Todd
The Arkham Knight
Full Card Name:
Arkham Knight The Arkham Knight
Group: The Arkham Knight
Start Damage: 1100
Start Health: 1200
How to unlock: Singleplayer Challenge, Arkham Pack

Bio: The Arkham Knight is one of the Injustice Mobile exclusive characters, meaning that he does not appear in the console version of the game. He arrives with version 2.6. The Arkham Knight is based on the visual presentation of the Arkham Knight character in the game Batman: Arkham Knight.

The character was created by Rocksteady in collaboration with DC Comics CCO and writer Geoff Johns for the Batman: Arkham Knight video game. He first appeared in Batman: Arkham Knight #1 (February 2015).

the-arkham-knight-renderThe true name of The Arkham Knight is Jason Todd. Sometime before the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum, Jason Todd is selected by Batman to become the new Robin after Dick Grayson decides to go off on his own and become Nightwing. Later, The Joker kidnaps Todd and sends a video to Batman, showing the alleged murder of Todd. In reality, Todd was still alive and being tortured by the Joker for over a year in an abandoned wing of Arkham Asylum.

During his torture, Todd comes close to telling the Joker what Batman’s true identity is, but he is seemingly shot by the Joker before he can reveal the information. However, Todd survived the gunshot wound, and as a result of the torture, had immense hatred towards Batman and begins working on his revenge.

The Arkham Knight’s story is currently not related to the Injustice story line in any way.

Passive Ability

Drone Strike: Achieving +180% on the Gotham Knight Special Attack calls in a drone strike, dealing DAMAGE to the entire enemy team.

Special Abilities

Tortured Soul: An anger-fueled suite of attacks.
Gotham Knight: Punishing brutal kicks lead the way.
Lost for Words: The Arkham Knight demonstrates his army’s power. UNBLOCKABLE.

Support Cards

Drone Tank: +10% Health for all The Arkham Knight characters.
Armor Plating: +10% Damage for all The Arkham Knight characters.
Red Hood: +10% Energy Regeneration for all The Arkham Knight characters.

Character Gear Card

Name: Custom Pistols/Custom Rifle
For all characters: X% DAMAGE BOOST to basic attacks.
For all The Arkham Knight characters: X% more damage on CRIT attacks.
Evolved: X% UNBLOCKABLE chance on basic attacks.


Arkham Knight The Arkham Knight has some of the most powerful basic stats in the game. His has effective combos but somehow unimpressive special attacks when compared with some of the other gold characters.

The Arkham Knight cannot benefit from the enhanced versions of the passive abilities of Arkham and Arkham Origins characters, such as Arkham Harley Quinn, Arkham Origins The Joker  and Arkham Origins Bane.


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