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Injustice Year 5 Expectations and Predictions

The success of the Injustice: Gods Among Us comic book series is unquestionable. For nearly three years the series has been on top of the comic books best sellers charts. However many fans are concerned about the book loosing its momentum in it’s 4th year and getting a bit too far from the original story set by the game.

With Tom Taylor returning for Injustice Year 4 Annual #1 and Year 5 around the corner we are very optimistic about the future of the series. Year 5 is in fact the last year before the events of the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game. So there are several things we believe should happen in Year 5 in order to align the books with the game:

The Return of Martian Manhunter

injustice-gods-among-us-martian-manhunter-sketchMartian Manhunter was killed by Superman halfway through Year 1 while trying to attack Wonder Woman. In the game the character was only a DLC with no participation in the story. However we do believe that another story arc with John Jones might be a great idea and will give him more story in the Injustice universe. The writers can then send him on a mission somewhere to explain his absence from the game’s events.


Doomsday is in a very interesting state in the Injustice: Gods Among Us game. In the comics we have only seen him through Superman’s eyes during year one when the Man of Steel was tricked into believing he was fighting him. Year 4 ends with someone or something escaping from Watchtower. Let’s imagine for a moment it’s Doomsday. It will be interesting to see how the new Superman will deal with his greatest enemy.

The Heroes Of The Other Earth

In Year 4 there were several mentions of the heroes of the other Earth. The fact that they will have a role to play in Superman’s downfall. There are two things that we think would be interesting to see in the Year 5 comics:

  1. Batman preparing everything to bring the heroes to the Injustice Earth and searching for the right dimension to bring people from. He might even try to bring someone else first and fail.
  2. Right before the heroes were brought to the Injustice Earth they were locked in a battle with Lex, The Joker and other villains. It might be interesting to see the story that leads to that moment.

Superman’s Mental State

Superman in the game is much more mentally unstable and insane than he was in Year 4. In fact Year 1 and 2 were much closer to the game in that aspect than Year 3 and 4. We would like him to regain his insanity again as this is part of the things that made the fans fall in love with the story in the first place.

More Balance Between Action and Character’s Emotional Journey

Superman kills Lois Lane believing she is Doomsday.
Superman kills Lois Lane believing she is Doomsday.

What made the Injustice comics unique? The action was great, yes. But there is action in most comics. What made the series really unique was the emotional journey that Tom Taylor send each character and us alongside them on. With Lois’, Nightwing’s, Oliver’s and even Chip’s deaths, Flash’s questioning Superman’s decisions and the dynamic between Superman and Batman, there was no question why people came back each week to buy the new chapter. We would love to see the return of this aspect as we lost some of it during year 4.

This is our short list. Do you agree with it, let us know in the comments. Did we miss something? Share your own expectations.

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