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Suicide Squad Deadshot Challenge For Injustice Mobile

injustice-gods-among-us-mobile-suicide-squad-deadshot-challengeThe next Single Player Injustice Mobile challenge has arrived. And this time Netherrealm Studios and Warner Bros bring us a new Injustice Mobile exclusive character, Suicide Squad Deadshot:

Suicide Squad Deadshot is based on Will Smith’s portrayal of the character in Warner Bros’ 2016 Suicide Squad movie:


Suicide Squad Deadshot is the first Suicide Squad character from the Injustice Mobile 2.11 update to arrive as a single player challenge. He is also the fourth completely new Injustice Mobile exclusive character after Darkseid, Static and The Arkham Knight:


Suicide Squad Deadshot has some impressive basic stats and a very interesting and powerful passive ability that will automatically increase the power of all your team members:

Attack: 1450
Health: 1250
Passive: I Never Miss
All aiming mini games have a 50% bigger “Sweet Spot” to attain max damage which will be up from 200% to 250% damage
If a Suicide Squad member is fighting there is a chance for an Off Screen Assist from Deadshot.

Suicide Squad Deadshot’s challenge is unique in several different ways. First, its first difficulty level is extremely accessible even for new completely new players as it has no additional requirements, includes only 45 battles instead of the usual 63, doesn’t require challenge credits (this is also relevant for the other difficulty levels) and includes fairly easy opponents.

In addition to all these, the challenge rewards have been updated and now you will receive a Silver Booster Pack, a Gear Locker and a Gold Booster Pack.

To beat the challenge on the second and the third difficulty level you must have Deathstroke, Lobo and Superman on your team. There is bronze/silver version of Deathstroke, so he shouldn’t be a problem even for newer Injustice Mobile players. Most players probably also have a Superman on their team as there are so many versions of the character. As for Lobo, he is currently available in the Alien Invasion Pack, together with Darkseid and Martian Manhunter.

The challenge has so far been available on the following dates:

  • August 3rd, 2016 – August 11th, 2016
  • August 19th, 2016 – August 24th, 2016

19 thoughts on “Suicide Squad Deadshot Challenge For Injustice Mobile

  • How many times is it going to be repeated? I already have an elite 7 deadshot. Just sitting here waiting for a new character and they just keep repeating the same old suicide squad characters again and again. I mean seriously the update kind of sucks in this way.

    • The challenges were only available for a few days in comparison to other challenges that were available for weeks. So many people are actually happy they are back as they aren’t able to get them the first time. You can’t please everyone.

  • Is Harley is also going to repeat Ed from tomorrow.what a boring

  • I hope Deadshot and The Joker Unhinged will be After Harley again, otherwise I’m screwed lol

  • question4u

    Guys if I buy him from Early Access Bundle will I be able to promote him directly???

  • I missed the event is there any way I can get them

  • Aaron2659

    are they bringing this event back any time soon? I just joined Injustice like 3 weeks ago and missed the two times it was on.

  • DanFire21

    Do you know if you will have a suicide squad deadshot and joker coming out soon, because i have harley quinn and I really want deadshot because ive seen my brother play him (he has all three characters) and the joker.

  • Saptarsi Sengupta

    I badly want this character, can anyone tell me when will this challenge be repeated again?

  • When is the dawn of justice batman and superman as well as the suicide squad characters coming back I’ve been waiting for 10 months


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