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Injustice 2 Mobile Version 1.4 Released: All Details

A few days ago (May 30th 2017) Netherrealm Studios released Injustice 2 Mobile version 1.4 for Android and iOS devices. This update is focused on promoting the new Wonder Woman movie, so there is a lot of Diana in the game right now. Lets take a look:


Relive the Wonder Woman movie experience with Injustice 2!

  • Two new Wonder Woman cards are available based on the just released Wonder Woman movie – the Silver Tier Amazon Wonder Woman and Gold Tier Mythic Wonder Woman
  • Each new Wonder Woman version has a full set of Gear to earn as well!
  • Earn the Silver Amazon Wonder Woman Movie card by attacking and completing your daily objectives
  • For those who just can’t wait, Mythic Wonder Woman is also available immediately in the Injustice 2 store


Supergirl and two versions of Poison Ivy arebe added in Update 1.4

  • Powered Supergirl and Entangling Poison Ivy will be available as Challenge Mode rewards
  • Flora Poison Ivy can be found in the Premium Chest


Update 1.4 introduces a number of fixes to make the overall player experience more enjoyable!

  • Improvements to all supermoves
  • New Premium Chests introduced
  • Updated opponent difficulty levels in campaign mode
  • Support for Asian languages: Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese
  • Overall polish and bug fixes


Apart from the things from the official release notes, we noticed the following changes and updates:

  • Account leveling now possible by completing campaign battles. This change will make account leveling much more easier
  • New daily rewards that focus on The Flash shrads
  • Roster ordering has been fixed
  • Wonder Woman movie trailer

Do you enjoy this new update? Tell us in the comments below.

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