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Justice League Batman Multiverse For Injustice 2

To celebrate the release of the Justice League movie, Netherrealm Studios is launching special Justice League Multiverses for several of the movie’s heroes. These Multiverses will give you the chance to obtain a special epic Justice League gear for these characters. Take a look at the official trailer:

The fourth Multiverse is for Batman.

Multiverse Description

The Justice League Batman Multiverse is a difficulty level 3 multiverse that consists of 5 different events.


Breakouts at Arkham Asylum are routine on Earth 1117. Tonight Harley Quinn broke out, stole a Mother Box and invited a horde of maniacs from the Multiverse to come play. Suit up.

Completion Rewards

The completion of each single event will grant you one piece of the Justice League epic gear. The only exception is the battle with Harley Quinn which will grant you three platinum mother boxes.

  • Prison Break – Epic Solid Gotham Knight’s Fighting Boots
  • Sneaky Girl – Epic Arms of the Leagues Benefactor
  • Clever Thief – Epic Prototype Justice League Batsuit
  • To many Harleys – Epic Cowl of United Justice


The final piece of the Justice League Batman gear can be obtained by completing the three objectives of this Multiverse:

  • Complete Clever Thief event
  • Complete Sneaky Girl event
  • Complete Bad Harley event

For your effort you will be granted:

  • 50 000 credits
  • Platinum Mother Boxes x2
  • Epic Batman Utility Belt – Fortified Alfred’s Ultimate Utility Belt


  • This Multiverse requires that you play as Batman. It is wise to level up your Batman as much as possible as you will be facing a level 20 Harley Quinn in the Bad Harley event.


This Multiverse has so far been available on the following dates:

  • November 17th, 2017 – November 20th, 2017

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