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Justice League Batman Arena Season For Injustice 2 Mobile

The next Arena Season for Injustice 2 Mobile is here. It gives you the chance to compete for gold Justice League Batman character shards.

Ben Affleck’s Batman joins the hero roster of Injustice 2 Mobile as one of the fourth Justice League Heroes!

Justice League Batman is an elite offensive force, boasting the highest natural ATTACK stat in the game. His Tactical Batsuit passive allows him to bypass opponent defenses temporarily, maximizing his already high damage.

For maximum effectiveness, use him with other Justice League characters who will all be shielded from one Special attack per battle.

Character Summary

As Gotham City’s greatest vigilante, Bruce Wayne works to bring together a team of heroes in order to save the world, granting each of his fellow Justice League teammates a shield that ignores ability damage once per battle. In addition, Batman gains an armor piercing boost to all of his abilities upon using his Grounded ability.

Justice League Batman is based on Ben Affleck’s Batman from the Justice League movie.

Justice League Batman is a three star gold agility class character and has the following basic stats:

Threat: 2332
Health: 974
Damage: 195
Passive: Tactical Batsuit

  • Using Ability 1 gives Batman Armor Piercing on abilities for 3 seconds.
  • Ignore damage for Justice League teammates from opponent;s first Ability 1, Ability 2 or Ability 3.

To unlock the character you will have to collect 160 shards.

To obtain Justice League Batman character shards you will have to reach at least Challenger II rank. Here are the shards per rank:

  • Challenger II: 5 shards
  • Challenger III: 10 shards
  • Challenger IV: 15 shards
  • Competitor I: 25 shards
  • Competitor II: 50 shards
  • Competitor III: 75 shards
  • Competitor IV: 100 shards
  • Elite I, II and III: 160 shards
  • Elite IV, Untouchable, Invincible and Legendary: 360 shards


  • Beat more powerful opponents to get more arena points

As with every other reward and challenge you can expect the Justice League Batman season to show up every once in while so if you have missed it so far you will definitely get another chance.

So far the season has been available on the following dates:

  • March 25th, 2019 – March 29th, 2019
  • March 20th, 2018 – March 23rd, 2018
  • February 13th, 2018 – February 16th, 2018
  • November 18th, 2017 – November 21st,, 2017

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